How Much Does A Divorce Cost?

Divorce or dissolution of marriage cases can vary dramatically in cost depending on what is involved, complexity, and the amount of work that is required.

In a divorce in which the husband and wife already agree on all matters such as support, property, custody, and child support, a fixed fee may be appropriate, providing the case remains uncontested.

Since legal fees are partly determined by the services rendered, it usually is not possible to determine in advance the total fee for a case that has any contested issues.  In such a case, we would tell you our minimum fee, the amount of time we would credit you for that fee, and our hourly rate and fees beyond that should additional work be required.

Lawyers may not charge contingent fees in divorce cases.  Sometimes in a divorce the court may order the other side to pay all or some of the fees and costs incurred.

In addition to legal fees costs may be incurred.   At a minimum there is a filing fee, unless you can establish indigence.  For instance, the Miami-Dade County Clerk of Court presently charges $409 for the filing of a divorce plus a credit card processing fee.  There can be other court costs associated with issuance of a summons and otherwise.

Litigated cases usually entail costs associated with records requests, subpoenas, and depositions. Where child related issues or mental health issues are contested there may be costs associated with experts in the field and court appointed professionals.  Where financial issues are contested there may be costs associated with experts such as appraisers and forensic accountants.

If you need an estimate of the costs of a divorce please call us on (786) 539-4935 so we can identify the issues in your case and determine if your case qualifies for a flat fee or the amount of the minimum fee that will be required.

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