Jeff Bezos Divorce, Hey Alexa, Can I Have a Prenuptial Agreement?

Yes, Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon and the undisputed richest person alive is going through a divorce from his long time Wife MacKenzie Bezos.  Yes, it is fodder for divorce gossip and jokes. Yes, they have four children together and I am not sure the child support calculator can handle the math.  Yes, it is doubtful that the Bezos have a prenuptial or post marital agreement and perhaps MacKenzie is entitled to half of the Bezos’ fortune which is reportedly close to $150 billion, and child support will likely be staggering.

While one might think this the ideal launching pad for a discussion of how Jeff Bezos should have had a prenuptial agreement I think the exceptional fortune at play makes a prenuptial agreement less important for these people.

Does it really matter in their lives how many billions of dollars they have?  Is there anything either of them could not still afford to do if they split their assets? I think the lessons to be taken from this relate more to how money does not buy you happiness and that happiness and living ones life as best as one can in our limited time on this earth are more important than money.

That being said, everyone who does not have a billion dollars or more, so money does not matter to them in the event of a divorce, should be calling us right now on (786) 539-4935 to get a prenuptial agreement.

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