How Do I Get Alimony?

If you have a need for financial support from your spouse to sustain the standard of living maintained during the marriage, your spouse has the ability to pay, and the marriage was of sufficient length to justify the type of alimony you are asking for, be it bridge the gap alimony, rehabilitative alimony, durational alimony, or permanent alimony,  you start by asking the Court to award you alimony in your divorce petition or counter-petition.

You will then need to develop and present evidence to the court to support the statutory alimony factors in Florida Statute Section 61.08, and the factors applicable to the specific type of alimony you are seeking.

When trying to get alimony it is important to present the right evidence to support the specific type of alimony you are seeking.  For instance, you can not expect to get rehabilitative alimony without presenting a rehabilitative plan to the Court.

The facts of your case  determine what type of alimony you should ask for, what evidence needs to be presented in support of that type of alimony, how the other side will likely defend against your alimony claim, and the amount, and duration of an alimony award.

Depending on the facts of your case you may also be entitled to temporary support during the time the divorce case is going on.

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