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Most Types Of Alimony Can Be Modified, Even To Zero

August 19, 2016 by  
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Divorce Lawyer Alimony Modification

Alimony reduced to zero.  Most types of alimony available under Florida law can be modified where there has been a substantial change in circumstances, like a substantial reduction in the income of the party that was paying alimony since the time of the last judgment.  It the type of alimony awarded in your case is modifiable and if warranted by the circumstances alimony can even be reduced to zero.  In such circumstances a court can still reserve jurisdiction so as to readdress alimony if there is another substantial change in circumstances in the future.

In Donovan v. Donovan, the First District Court of Appeals for the State of Florida upheld a trial court’s decision to reduce alimony to zero based upon a substantial reduction in the income of the former husband.  The trial court order also stated that the court reserved jurisdiction to enter such other orders as may be necessary so it was not necessary for the court to maintain nominal alimony so that the issue of alimony could be readdressed in the future based upon another change in circumstances.

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