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Name And Personal Information Of Ashley Madison User Revealed

July 23, 2015 by  
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As you may have heard, the Ashley Madison dating service which caters to married people seeking an affair was recently hacked.  It has now been reported that a particular users name, user name, address, and a list of fantasies has been released by the hackers.  Apparently, the user was exposed to demonstrate the kind of information the hackers had obtained from the service and may signal what the hackers will be releasing as to more users in the future.  Perhaps this is part of a blackmail scheme targeting Ashley Madison.

From the perspective of divorce, adultery does not always lead to divorce but the release of information by the hackers is certainly likely to damage relationships and some divorces are likely to be caused.  While Florida is a no fault divorce state adultery can be considered by a Florida court in relation to alimony under FLorida Statute Section 61.08(1) and and the expenditure of marital funds on an adulterous relationship can be considered for the purposes of the equitable distribution of assets.

From the perspective of civil liability, it remains to be determined if Ashley Madison will face lawsuits based upon its having allowed its client’s personal information to be taken by the hackers.  Ashley Madison held itself out as a discrete and secure service and is reported to have had statements like “Trusted Security Award,” “100% Discreet Service” and “SSL Secure Site” on its webpages.  If more users information is revealed by the hackers lawsuits will likely follow.

If you need advice concerning a divorce involving adultery or otherwise or were personally affected by the Ashley Madison hack you are welcome to contact our offices to arrange a consultation.


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