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Miami-Dade County Status Quo Temporary Domestic Relations Order

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Miami-Dade County has a Status Quo Temporary Domestic Relations Order (Administrative Order No. 14-13)  in place that applies to all original dissolution of marriage or paternity cases.  The Order automatically applies on the filing of a new case with  the Court and remains in effect during the case until modified by the Court or a final judgment is entered.  It is meant to educate the parties as to some of the problems, duties and responsibilities that arise in such actions.  

The Order has provisions forbidding relocation, calls for the voluntary payment of child support, sets forth shared parenting guidelines, requires a parenting course, requires mediation, governs the conduct of the parties, controls the disposition of assets, forbids concealment or destruction of personal or business records, calls for insurance policies to be maintained, and puts restrictions on taking additional debt that binds the other party.  The Order is subject to Judicial Enforcement and a party may be sanctioned for non-compliance with it.  The Order should be reviewed by the parties at the inception of a dissolution of marriage or paternity case to ensure compliance with it.  Where the other party does not comply it can be used effectively to seek relief from the Court.


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