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No Jurisdiction Over Father In Florida For Child Support Where Petition Did Not Allege That Child Was Conceived In Florida Or Father Ever Resided In Florida

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In Gustafasson v. The Matter of Catherine Levine, the Fourth District Court of Appeals for the State of Florida ruled that the trial court did not have jurisdiction over the father, who was served in Sweden with the petition to establish child support, where the petition did not allege that child was conceived in Florida or that the father ever resided in or visited Florida.  The father did not waive the defense of lack of personal jurisdiction by filing a notice of limited appearance, making and subsequently withdrawing discovery requests, or agreeing to an order extending discovery deadlines as such actions were defensive in nature. Accordingly, the Court determined it was error for the trial court to have denied the father’s motion to dismiss for lack of jurisdiction.

In our practice we have represented clients of various nationalities and foreign residence and dealt with issues of jurisdiction.

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