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Veto Alimony And Equal Time-Sharing Custody Presumption Bill

April 18, 2016 by  
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Alimony and Custody Bill Vetoed

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On Friday Governor Rick Scott vetoed the alimony reform and equal time-sharing presumption bill that had passed the Florida Legislature.  Gov. Scott stated that he had vetoed the bill because he did not think the initial presumption of equal time-sharing for both parents would be in the best interests of children.  Presently there is no presumption of equal time-sharing or custody and the courts use a list of statutory factors and the best interests of the children in determining time-sharing between parents.

Governor Scott did not comment on the alimony reform sections of the bill which would have ended permanent alimony and created guidelines for it based upon the parties incomes and the length of the marriage.  Because the legislature had decided to put both the alimony reform measures and equal time-sharing presumption changes in the same bill the alimony reform law can not pass alone.  It is unclear if the Governor would have vetoed the alimony portions of the bill if they had arrived on his desk without the time-sharing portions of the bill.

Gov. Scott experienced the divorce of his own parents.  He has also reported that his daughter is in the process of a divorce.  Gov. Scott’s own personal experiences may have shaped his views on the issues.


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