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What Should You Expect When You First Consult Or Meet With A Divorce Lawyer?

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People do not usually look forward to the divorce process or meeting with a divorce lawyer.  People do not know what to expect and may not have had much need to interact with lawyers in the past.

While the divorce process and meeting with a divorce lawyer may seem intimidating it is one of those times in life you really can benefit from having a lawyer to guide you through the process and help you try to get what the law entitles you to.

We can understand what you are going through and try to help.  A consultation, or communication with us will be confidential so you can speak freely and candidly about your situation.

At the first stages of our communications we will need to get the names of yourself, your spouse and any other potential parties involved so we can run what is called a conflict check to make sure we have not previously consulted with one of the other parties in the case and are able to represent you.

We will need your contact information and know from you if you would like us to communicate with you via a specific means.  For instance, if you do not want mail going to your house concerning our representation of you.

While you can have a telephone consultation with us most people find it beneficial to meet in person at which time we can also look at any documents you bring that are related to your situation.  If a case has already been filed by the other spouse it is useful to see any documents you have in that regard.  If you have already had settlement communications, it is useful to see anything reflecting them.  If the case involves financial issues, financial documents can be useful to assist us in our evaluation of the situation.  If the case involves children’s issues copies of support payments and communications on timesharing, custody and decisions concerning the children can help.

At an initial consultation we will attempt to address your questions and concerns.  We will also ask you questions to attempt to determine and evaluate the issues in your case.   It is very important that you are honest and forthcoming as possible with us.  Problems in a case can be addressed when we know what they are, but undisclosed problems may not be so easy to deal with and negatively affect our ability to help you later on.

At a consultation we can usually provide you an overview of what to anticipate relative to the divorce process, valuation and division of assets and liabilities, children’s issues, child support, financial support, and attorney’s fees. 

We will then try to help you develop a game plan consistent with your situation and goals.

If you want to talk to one of our attorneys or lawyers to set up a consultation please call us on (786)539-4935.


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