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Divorce, Equitable Distribution, Court Must Identify Marital Or Non-Marital Status of Assets And Value Them

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Lawyer To Help With Divorce, Dissolution of Marriage, Equitable Distribution, Marital or Non-Marital Assets and Valuation Issues

In a divorce case with assets and liabilities the court must identify which assets and liabilities are marital and which are not and assign values to the assets and liabilities so they can be divided in equitable distribution.

equitable distribution assets and liabilities

Court Decision Reversed Where Assets Are Not Identified As Marital or Non-Marital and Not Valued 

In Buckalew v. Buckalew, the trial court had affirmed a General Magistrates written findings of fact that did not identify what assets and liabilities were marital and what were not.  Nor did it assign values to each asset and liability.  The Fourth District Court of Appeals for the State of Florida reversed the trial court’s decision to adopt the written findings because they did not state what was marital and what was not and assign a value to each asset and liability.

If you are facing equitable distribution issues in your case we can help identify the issues specific to your case and present your case to the court.



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