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Competent Substantial Evidence Supported The Former Husband being the Children’s Primary Care Giver (Custody/Visitation)

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In the case of Ronda Paulick v. Paul Paulick the 5th District Court of Appeals for the State of Florida ruled that competent substantial evidence supported the former husband being given the responsibility of being the children’s primary care giver.   

The trial court found that Former Wife regularly sought to limit Former Husband’s access to their children and made repeated allegations of sexual abuse that were all found to be unsubstantiated by the Department of Children and Family Services, the Sheriff’s Office, various psychologists and therapists, and three different judges. During the course of the case, the trial court repeatedly ordered Former Wife to provide Former Husband time with his children, yet she persistently refused to comply with those orders. Although Former Wife was the primary caregiver of the parties’ two children during the course of the marriage, a role that was initially ratified by the trial court, the court, frustrated with her continued rejection of its orders, finally placed the children primarily with Former Husband.

In contrast the trial court found that the Former Husband has not only complied with the letter of the court’s orders on time-sharing but with the spirit of those orders as well, granting Former Wife additional visitation at her request. The trial court has found this welcome change to be in the children’s best interest as they are now “healthy, happy, and doing well at school, both socially and educationally.”

The Court of Appeals ruled that based on the foregoing there was competent, substantial evidence to support the former husband being the children’s primary caregiver.

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