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Child Support Enforcement Tools

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If a parent fails to comply with a child support order the court has numerous tools available to it to attempt to enforce payment.  The following is a description of just some of the tools available:

An Income Deduction Order is an order of the court requiring an employer to deduct child support payments from the employees pay check.  Income deduction Orders work best when you know where the parent who owes support is working.  An income deduction order continues to apply even when a parent who owes support changes job.

Intercepts are a mechanism by which assets that would otherwise go to the parent that owed support are intercepted.  Such assets could include tax refunds, unemployment compensation and other such payments.

Seizure of assets, a court can order the seizure of assets held for the parent that owes support when those assets are held by for instance banks and other institutions.

Liens, a lien can be placed on real property, cars, boats and other such property.  Liens let a potential purchaser or recipient of the property know that money is owed on the property and may need to be paid for them to get title to it and make it hard to sell or transfer the property.

Contempt of Court, a parent that owes child support can be held in contempt of court for willful non-compliance with a support order.  If found in contempt the parent may be ordered to pay money or face arrest.

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