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Do You Need A Child Safety Focused Parenting Plan?

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In a divorce or paternity case Florida Courts sometimes use child safety focused parenting plans to try and protect a parent and child(ren) as part of the time-sharing (custody/visitation) determination.  In so doing the Court imposes restrictions on contact and access between the child(ren) and a parent such as limiting communications, supervised time-sharing or no overnight time-sharing.  To help you determine if you need to request one in your case it may be helpful to consider if the other parent has:

1. Acted as though violent behavior toward you or your child(ren) is OK in some situations.

2. Damaged or destroyed property or pets during an argument

3. Threatened to commit suicide.

4. Pushed, slapped, kicked, punched, or physically hurt you or your child(ren).

5. Had problems with alcohol or other drugs.

6.  Needed medication to be safe around others.

7. Made multiple threats not to or has not returned your child(ren).

8. Used weapons to threaten to hurt people

9. Threatened to kill you, your child(ren) or anyone else.

10. Sexually abused anyone by force, threat of force, or intimidation.

11. Been served a domestic violence injunction or a protection or no contact order.

12.  Been arrested for harming or threatening to harm you or anyone else.

If these or other similar kinds of circumstances apply in your case a child safety focused parenting plan may be able to help protect you and the child(ren).  It is important that you get the help you need from an attorney to develop, gather, and present the evidence that reveals to the Court the need for a child focused safety plan.


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