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Appellate Court May Dismiss Appeal In Divorce Case Because The Appealing Party Had Not Complied With The Trial Court’s Orders

August 11, 2015 by  
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In a divorce case the appellant, Michel Whissell, appealed a non-final order finding him in contempt for the fourth time based upon failure to make court ordered support payments and comply with discovery.  Mr. Whissell claimed that there were deficiencies in the trial court’s order.  Mr. Whissell had been held in contempt and subject to incarceration pursuant to a writ of bodily attachment and then made statements to the trial court that he would comply with its orders but did still did not comply.  The Fourth District Court of Appeals ruled that it would dismiss the appeal unless  Mr. Whissell could demonstrate within 30 days that he was in substantial compliance with the orders of the trial court.

It is incumbent on a party to a divorce proceeding to try their best to comply with any trial court orders.  If not the party runs the risk of being found in contempt, subject to a writ of bodily attachment, incarceration and that an appeal of what they claims to be a deficient order will not even be considered by the appellate court whether the order was deficient or not.

In a divorce case it is important to get the advice you need from a lawyer who practices in the areas of divorce and family law in relation to issues like alimony, spousal support, child support, and discovery so mistakes are not made.  Failure to take the appropriate steps at the right time can significantly impact your case.  

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