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There Needs To Be A Substantial Change In Circumstances For A Petition For Modification Of Time-Sharing To Be Granted

August 28, 2015 by  
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In Blevins v. Blevins, the 5th District Court of Appeals held that because substantial competent evidence of substantial change in circumstances was not presented the trial court abused its discretion by granting former wife’s modification petition.

The Former Wife had sought modification based on the distance between her residence and the child’s school.   The Court ruled that the distance between the Former Wife’s residence and a child’s school was not a basis for modification of time-sharing where the location of parties’ residences was known at the time of the final judgment, when the trial court selected the former husband’s residence as a child’s legal address and address for school designation purposes.  Absent a substantial change in circumstances the trial court should not have granted a petition for modification of time-sharing.

If you want to modify time-sharing after a judgement has been entered it is important to present the right evidence to the court for it to rule in your favor and for its decision to be upheld based upon the best interests of the child and there having been a substantial change in circumstances.

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